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Survey Participants

You applied to a company where your application is getting checked at the moment. Now, the corporation would like to know which media channels you were using to find the job offer or company. It is the company's aim to optimise their personnel recruiting with the help of your feedback..
We kindly apologize for this inconvenience. This email was obviously sent to you by accident. Please contact us at
The questionnaire is received by everyone who applied to or was employed by a participating company. Possibly, you have already applied for another firm who uses as a service as well. We may ask you to take some minutes time to fill in the questionnaire again though since every company taking part is strongly interested in your feedback. Your answers will get analysed for each company you are referring to separately..
On the basis of your personal information your futural employer is able to analyse which media channels he is using were the most popular once along the applicants. This helps to optimise the company's processes for personnel recruiting as well as ease the way potential employees are getting in the company itself..
Yes. Your information gets securely transmitted via https.
Yes. Your personal data gets exclusively finished anonymously. There is no correlation between the data and concrete people. Moreover, no personal data gets saved. Your answers are solely used in an aggregated way for statistical purposes.
No. Participating in this survey is completely optional and anonymous. There is no assignment of answers to data of applicants. If you do not take part you will not have to be afraid of any negative consequences. Nevertheless, you would highly support the company. Maybe it is going to be your new employer. is a service for employers which helps to analyse how applicants or potential employees did find their way to the company or how they learnt about the job offer. The basis therefore is comprised of the answering of the questionnaire by the applicants or co-workers. That is why we would kindly ask you to take part in this survey. Your (prospective) employer would greatly appreciate your feedback.


Offer is a service aiming to analyse how applicants and potential employees found their way to your company or how they learnt about your job offer. The basis therefore is comprised of the answering of the questionnaire by the applicants/employees providing information about the media channels they were using. As a user "personnel officer"/"manager" you may design the questionnaire as well as the selection of media channels you are interested in yourself. For users "assisstent" we provide a standardised opinionaire including the most important media channels.
With there comes a comprehensive tool enabling you to break down and optimise all media channels used for your recruiting. Identify how your applicants found their way to your firm. Compare the success of your channels with the ones other companies in the same industry are using. Optimise your personnel recruiting measures on the foundation of bare facts. What is working out the best for you? - print ads, online job portals, your carreer website, your past booth on a Bonding-Fair? Or was it a co-worker or friend who recommended you as a good employer? By making use of applicants are going to answer those questions while you may study their application documents. For candidates the survey is completely anonymous. Furthermore, you get to ask your actual recently hired co-workers again to check the benefit of your media channels.
There are three conditions which need to be fullfilled in order to ensure fairness as well as privacy protection. Firstly, you must have subscribed to a membership as "personnel officer" or "manager". Secondly, you need to have contributed at least 50 filled out questionnaires. In the end there must exist 50 comparative data points minimum of other companies matching your selected filters.
We offer three different packages. As "assistant" you do not have to pay anything. As "personnel officer" or "manager" you can choose between quarterly or annual fees enabling extended analysis possibilites, benchmarks and individual questionnaire design.Here you may find a detailed overview about the different prices.
After the expiration date of the booked time period your membership automatically gets downgraded to the free of charge "assisstant". Individual settings, such as channels or CI/CD, do not get lost, they only get ignored. After you upgrade again these settings will be reactivated.
After having registered or upgraded to consultant/manager you will shortly receive a bill with the request of transfer within 14 days.

Privacy protection and Security

Your individual data will be deleted by us. However, collected data from you as well as other users will be kept in aggregated form, since our benchmarks offered are relying on these.
No. We do not communicate any data to third parties. We ensure you that only you will get to know the results of your campaigns and media channels.
Only you and, for any technical emergencies, an administrator do have access to your personal data.
Other users only do have insight into benchmarks about statistical evaluations of aggregated data. Your individual data sets do not get published anywhere else.


In order to use you must register here. You can find this link on the landing page in the top right corner as well. Choose membership type you want ("assisstant", "consultant", "manager") and let yourself guide through the installation assisstant.
You can delete your account at any time. Therefore, sign in and click on "Delete account" in the menu "logged in as ..." in the top right corner and confirm the deletion. Hereupon, your personal data gets deleted immediately.
Please select "Request new password" under "Sign in" on the right side. Then, name your deposited email address. We will then send you an email with your user name and the possibility to reset your password. If you would only like to get to know your user name you may get to ignore the password reset functionality – Your old password is still valid.
Your password is stored in an encrypted form in our database. Thus, we are not able to tell you your password if you forgot it. However, you may click on "Request new password" under "Sign in" on the right side. Please name your deposited email address then. We will send you an email with the possibility of resetting your password.
To change your password sign in and choose a new password in your personal profile.
To change your profile data and, in case you chose "personnel officer"/"manager", the selection of media channels or the questionnaire design you need to be signed in as well. You will find the respective section in your user account or under the menu item 'profile'.